About ManicMonday

We are all about animation.

We are a hybrid digital production company & director/ studio management.

Animation is our passion. We have been creating digital content in 3D and 2D, VFX, Stop Trick or Mixed Media at an international level for more than 15 years. For commercials, product visualizations, immersive content, music videos or Instagram filters. We find solutions for every technology, every budget and every application. 

Animation production service.

We are more than an animation studio. As a hybrid of digital consulting, production and talent management, we always find a way to tell the best version of your story. Our ManicMonday Studio can accompany you throughout the entire production process or we can support you with sub-elements such as production advice, costing, pitch support, direction and studio selection or controlling.

Artist & studio management.

Our roster brings together a hand-picked selection of international directors, studios and creative professionals from the digital animation sector who share our high design standards. If you are a digital animation artist, director or studio looking for representation in Europe or the US, please get in touch at hello@manicmonday.tv

ManicMonday GmbH
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