Why work with us?

We are more than an animation studio. We call it: New generation production. We don’t think like big studios. We work modularly, flexibly and project-based. Our core asset: An epic network with the brightest talents all around the world. That’s why we find tailor-made solutions for every goal, requirement and budget. We tell compelling stories and bring intelligent solutions into the creative process.

We have been creating digital content in 2d, full CG, vfx, stop trick, live action and xr at an international level for more than 15 years. Our ManicMonday Studio can accompany you throughout the entire production process or we can support you with sub-elements such as production advice, costing, pitch support, direction and studio selection or controlling. All you need to do, is give us a shout.

Best people give the best results.

Our roster is filled with the most talented international directors, creatives and animation specialists celebrated for their unique styles across multiple disciplines.

All in one.

No need for you to research and contact a variety of production companies. Creative approaches, ballparks, timings, we take care of everything.

Custom is key.

Inhouse ManicMonday studio or collab with one of our exclusive studios, we set up a custom-made production to tell the best version of your story.

Best value for budget.

We love to get involved from the very start. No matter how high or low your budget is, we are confident to find the best solution. Challenge us.

Trouble shooter mentality.

Short timeframe? In need of flexibility? Aiming for expertise and highest quality? We collaborate with skilled designers, directors, producers, artists with whom we have successfully worked in the past.

Internationally, yours.

Based in Germany but with a truly international mindset, our talents and studios are based all around the world. Get in touch with us.

2021 - after enjoying a varied journey through the international animation and advertising industry, Henrik von Müller had a vision to launch the first German repping company specializing in animation & digital production. Meanwhile, ManicMonday reached and exceeded its own goals and the vision is still burning bright. ManicMonday has become a top tier producing company with a wide roster of talented animation artists, directors and top notch studios, working collaboratively and relentlessly to bring the greatest stories and amazing experiences to brands around the globe. Which to us, is still a bit Manic. 

So, feel free to pinch or call us.

mail: hello@manicmonday.tv
cell: +49 (0) 177 785 23 23

Director & studio representation.

Our roster brings together a hand-picked selection of international directors, studios and creative professionals from the digital animation sector who share our high design standards. If you are a digital animation artist, director or studio looking for representation in Europe or the US, please get in touch at sales@manicmonday.tv

ManicMonday GmbH
+49 (0) 177 785 23 23