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 Tonic DNA is a full-service production studio that has been advancing the animated art form since 1983. They have a strong track record of character animation for major entertainment studios and commercial clients such as Disney, Warner Bros., Netflix, Coca-Cola, and McDonald’s.

They are style and technique agnostic with the development team to create the look you are after. The studio works with multidisciplinary artists and directors united by a dedicated production support team and reliable production pipeline.

For Tonic DNA, the highest levels of craft and service are the springboards to play and pursue exciting ideas.



featured project

TONIC DNA - Showreel 2024

featured work


Space Jam 2 - Animation Trailer

IGA 2023 - The Meatloaf 

Ghost Kidz & Vince Staples ‘Goin’ Off’

Rice Krispies Squares

IGA 2022 - Mr. Beaver’s Yule Log

Little Bites

Ghost Kidz & Armani Caesar ‘Big Bag’

The Bob's Burgers Movie

Campbell - The Firefly


Kellog's 70th Anniversary 


Looney Tunes

Central Park

Disney Disenchanted 

TonicDNA ActionSanta 2023

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