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Welcome to ManicMonday - we are a full service digital production agency. Our core asset: An epic network with the brightest animation talents all around the world. That’s why we find tailor-made solutions for every goal, requirement and budget. We tell compelling stories and bring intelligent solutions into the creative process. 

All you need to do, is give us a shout.

Home of Creative Talent

Our roster brings together a selection of some of the most talented international directors and Studios chosen for their unique styles across multiple disciplines, such as 2d, 3d, vfx, stop trick, live action and xr.


No need for you to research and contact a variety of production companies. We take care of everything. Depending on briefing, scale and budget we will get you up to three different creative approaches incl. ballparks and timings. Get in touch with us.

Trouble Shooter.

Short timeframe? In need of flexibility? Aiming for expertise and highest quality? We are here to help. We collaborate with skilled designers, directors, producers, animators, vfx artists with whom we have successfully worked in the past.

Custom is key.

Inhouse ManicMonday studio or collab with one of our exclusive studios, we set up a custom-made production to tell the best version of your story. Get in touch with us.

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